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  “If you’re not a professional already, and you want to be more professional, or if you're just getting started - then SOLO is a lot more user friendly for you.”


Anoop Desai
American Idol Finalist
and Pop/R&B sensation


DJ Toomp

Producer - TI,
Kanye West, Ludacris


Jazze Pha
Producer - 2pac,
Notorious B.I.G., Ciara, Usher


Phil Tan

3x Grammy winning producer -
Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Outkast


Kerry Krucial Keys
Multi-Grammy Winner -
Alicia Keys, Drake, Nas




Turn your Mac or PC into a studio... and produce incredible hip hop, dance, house, rap, r&B, jungle, rock, pop, and reggaeton productions using nothing other than your computer keyboard.

BTVSOLO: Music Production Software

Learn to produce music with step by step training videos and live support from real producers and engineers.

Get lifetime upgrades to future expansions and updates.

Easily add new sounds and upgrade features as your skills grow.



It works using nothing other than your computer keyboard
(no other gear needed - MIDI controller optional).

It works on Mac or PC computers.

It comes LOADED with over 1,000 professionally engineered sounds from the engineers at BKE and from Grammy-winner Dallas Austin.

It comes LOADED with over 100 professionally made tracks that you get to use in your own songs (yours royalty-free).

You get over 100 professionally designed drum kits (loads of drums that have been used on hit records by some of the biggest artists in the world).

You get over 100 premium electronic and acoustic instruments for live chords, riffing, and performances (comes loaded with drums, basses, synthesizers, string ensembles, horns, choirs, effects, and more).

You get a built-in mixer for adjusting volume, panning, effects, frequency, and more.

You get an onboard EFFECTS rack with over 60 effects including phasers, flangers, pitch-shifters, high pass/low pass filters, compressors, limitors, reverbs, delays, and more.

You get advanced sample editing tools for clear waveform editing including autochop, timestretch, normalize, pitch-shifting and more!


Hook up MIDI controllers, pad controllers, connect to sound modules, and more.

Perform live remixes and mashups with live muting and soloing of your tracks or your pads.

Use built in pitch and modulation wheels to add subtle note bends or dramatic pitch changes to your production, or manipulate the parameters of BTV SOLO's phasers, flangers, compression, limiting, mastering, and more.


Sound like a professional

Over 1,000 premium drums, basses, synths, strings, effects, and more (every sound is professionally engineered and mastered to perfection)

Over 100 built in professionally constructed drum kits and octave-spanning, playable, velocity sensitive instruments.

Stereo quality 44.1kHz 16bit .wav library or load your own 16 and 24bit samples!


Develop your own sound

Load your own 16bit or 24 bit samples.

Built in Kit Builder and Instrument Creator.

Create new effects from scratch.

Advanced sample editing including autochop, timestretch, pitch shifting and more.

"These sounds were made over a long time...its the sort of thing we don't give up in this industry." -D.A.



Simply hook up your MIDI controller to your PC/MAC for a full velocity sensitive keyboard experience.

BTV SOLO works with MIDI keyboards or pad controllers of any size with hot swappable connectivity.

Import your own samples
(& save valuable time doing it)

WAV or AIFF - 16 or 24 bit!

With our expansion packs: You simply download them, run the installer, and you're ready to rock!

Importing your own sounds: All you have to do is copy your .wav or .aiff samples (or folders of sounds) into the BTV samples folder.

BTV SOLO will automatically update your sounds without even having to close and re-open the software and they are now loaded.



We teach you the basics and some really advanced production techniques in easy-to-follow screen capture videos.

The same knowledge newer and intermediate users get from learning the BTV SOLO software will also apply to 99% of the other studio tools that you will ever use in your music production.

You will learn theory, beat structure, different genres types, effects, gap fills, rolling snares, bass lines, mastering, plus much more.



Here's a look at what you're going to learn:



Table of Contents

Getting Started
1. Intro to Production: Making your first beat
---- (4 part series)
2. Setting up User Data Path folder
3. Setting up MIDI controller
4. Bank up/ Down & setting up a pad controller
5. Quick PC set-up
6. Setting Up After Download

Making a Track or Patterns

1. Tap Tempo
2. How to Loop Beats
3. How to use Metronome
4. How to copy and insert
5. Using Transport. Play, Stop, Record and FF
6. How to set up Tracks 9-16

Editing Patterns and Sounds

1. Quick Kit Edit Mode
2. How to mute and solo
3. Mixer and filters
4. How to Pan
5. How to erase single notes and tracks
6. Edit all of the sounds in a bank at once
7. How to use Timestretch and Pitch Shift

Making Kits and Instrumentals

1. How to load in your own .wav samples
2. How to make an instrument
3. Make an instrument with your own sample
4. How to make custom drum kits
5. How to use Gate
6. Sample wave form editing
7. Layering in Kit Mode

Exporting your Patterns and Songs

1. Using Song mode
2. Live pattern export


1. Change Skins
2. The Freak Effect Button




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